About Us

We are a small group of believers who have come together under the principle of Honoring The Lord God and getting to know Him thru the ‘whole counsel’ of His Word. We have all been deeply influenced by The Lord in some way thru Biblical studies and the exegetical work of men gone on before us like Govett, Pember, Larkin, Panton, Lang, and Wilson. The Lord God used them to restore and recover lost doctrines in the details of The Judgment Seat of Christ and His Coming Kingdom as God The Son.

The Lord God has continued to open up to us The Scriptures revealing the details of the Ancient Semitic Late Hebrew language of The Old Testament and the Koine Greek language of The New Testament to unlock over 5,000 words in The Word of God that have no correlation for a proper translation into the English language. This attention to language detail expounds our understanding of Yeshua/Jesus, The Living Word; and The Bible, The Written Word. Typology, Parables, Inheritance, and Entrance are deeper truths much like a peach seed; being hidden as a seed within a seed. When The Lord God gives a measure of Grace and Faith to see His ‘whole counsel’ in The Scriptures; The Spirit reveals deeper dynamics of Faith & Works, Salvation & Inheritance, and Rewards & Consequences. These truths lead to a better understanding of The Lord God and His Word that compels us to collaborate with Him and to live in Peace & Love with Him and others. We exist as a resource and testimony of God’s Will to draw believers to Know Him thru the Power of His Word!Hebrews 4:12-13, 1Peter 3:14-16;4:8-11

Our Mission

We submit to the Sovereign Triune God trusting Him thru obedience to Him and His Word. These things we do if God permit…Hebrews 6:3:
Commit to being students of The Lord and His Word…Walk humbly with all men by focusing on edifying the people of God– John 14:21 & Romans 13:8 
Being relentless in our pursuit of maturing in the breadth, length, depth, and height of God and His Word in The Love of The Lord/Yahveh Jesus/Yeshua Christ/Messiah-Ephesians 3:14-19
Become approved as workmen not ashamed in the presence of The Lord God; obtaining the heavenly inheritance as The Bride of Christ-Acts 20:32;26:18, 2Timothy 2:15, Revelation 16:15;19:7-8 


The Lord God chooses you to be a child of God in Christ, however you must collaborate with Him to become a student of God in His Word. The Judgment Seat of Christ is when The Lord determines what you will reap in heaven or on earth for what you have sown in this life…2Corinthians 5:10-11

As a child of God in Christ:

  • Will you Enter The Heavens?
  • Will you Inherit the Earth?
  • Or will you be Disinherited?

The Lord God chooses you to be a child of God in Christ, however you must collaborate with Him to become a student of God in His Word. The Scriptures are for believers to learn of The Lord God and thru Obedience to The Lord Yeshua/Jesus Christ we have the ‘opportunity to gain’ our inheritance that must be earned as a child of God…John 14:21, Acts 20:32;26:18, Ephesians 1:18, Colossians 1:12;3:24, Hebrews 9:15. Inheritance is NOT guaranteed.

A man is born into a prison of sin, Psalm 51:5, and as such has choices, responsibilities, and is accountable for his actions. However, this man’s will is not free rather it is limited given the prison walls and fences of his sin nature that have him boxed in with no absolute freedom, as he is bound by choices of his innate sinful desires. Man is enslaved to sin from conception and has a will but it is NOT free…Genesis 6:5, 2Chronicles 15:12-13, John 1:5;15:16, Romans 3:11;9:20-23. Can a man in prison travel the world where he wishes or even have the ability to vote in an election?, No. He has no ability and no say to set himself free from his sin. God alone as God The Son exercised His Free Will and chose righteousness as there was nothing within Christ that desired sin. God is The Father of Lights and in Him there is no variation of darkness. Christ Who had NO sin took on sin to bring us out of a Covenant relationship and into a Testament relationship thru The Blood of God.  Jesus/Yeshua continues to set us free in ongoing sanctification as we collaborate to build on His Foundation so that we might be counted worthy to partake with Him in His coming Kingdom…Luke 20:35;21:36, Romans 5:8-11;8:24, 1Corinthians 9:24-27, Hebrews 9:27-28;10:34-36, Revelation 16:15;22:12.

A child has an definitive relationship with his parents of which he contributes nothing to bring about their relationship, just as he does nothing to invalidate the fact that he will always be the child of his parents. As it is with us and our Heavenly Father when we were chosen by Him before time…John 6:37-39, Romans 3:10, Ephesians 1:4. A child exhibits a variance of behaviors that are both positive and negative, but neither can change or undo the established fact that there is a relationship defined and unchanged between child and parent…1Corinthians 3:1-3 & 2Timothy 2:13. We as believers exhibit sinful behaviors constantly when we do not Love The Lord our God with All of our Heart, Mind, Soul, and Strength. As an example, Lot chose to live in the carnality of Sodom and Gomorrah, yet The Lord God as his Father still called him righteous 4 times…1Peter 2:7-9. We in like manner need to NOT ‘judge’ others by their behavior but rather be discerning of their doctrinal belief system as Scripture instructs us to do…Matthew 7:1-2;16:11-12. The good tree that bears good fruit and a bad tree bad fruit Scripture passage is NOT intended as a license to label people on the basis of their works, rather it is represents what we produce living ‘in flesh’ or living ‘in spirit’…Matthew 7:15-19. When we live in ‘The Spirit’ we are a good tree producing good fruit, but when we live in ‘The Flesh’ we are a bad tree producing bad fruit.  If the good tree were representing all believers then all have good fruit and can ‘never’ produce the bad fruit of sin, which is obviously not true as we all continually sin daily. We are all like a fruit tree with 3 kinds of fruit on it: unripe fruit (new convert), ripe fruit (maturing faith), and rotten fruit (corruption of sin), yet ALL 3 ‘kinds’ of fruit on the same fruit tree. We believe The Lord gives us The Example to be humble and serve one another…John 13:1-17. What pleases God more that we judge our brother for his behavior or we love our brother ‘thru’ his sins in The Truth of The Word of God? We believers all have had or have many sins that corrupt us that we can relate and identify with our brother in Christ struggling in sin. We need to encourage and edify unto peace and restoration with God and each other…Malachi 6:8, Romans 3:23, Galatians 6:1-5.

A Father having many sons dies and they are all called into the court for the ‘reading of the will’ NOT to determine their relationship with the Father as his children; but rather to determine who gets ‘what’ and ‘why’, i.e.; their inheritance..as it will be with us and our Father in Heaven… Matthew 18:23-35, 1Corinthians 3:10-15, 2Timothy 2:15-26, 1Peter 4:17-19. The 12 Tribes of Israel had an inheritance of the land of Israel while only the Levites who served in The Tabernacle and Temple had The Heavenly Inheritance of The Lord God HimselfNumbers 18:24 & Deuteronomy 10:9;18:1-2. Which would you rather have, an inheritance on earth or one in The Heavens?